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If you are looking for a veterinarian that specializes in the treatment of large animals, including horses, cattle, sheep and other types of livestock, you can use this directory to quickly and easily locate local veterinary clinics that serve your area. Many large animal veterinarians travel to their clients, due to the difficulty that can be associated with transporting large animals, as well as the fact that they may treat entire herds or individual animals. A majority of the veterinary care provided by a large animal vet will be focused on prevention, through vaccinations and examinations that help ensure the maintained well-being of the animals. They may also offer specialized services focused on breeding and emergency treatment for various illnesses and injuries.

In looking for a large animal hospital, you may find it helpful to compare multiple facilities to determine which offers the specific services you need. Each veterinarian's pricing and qualifications may vary as well, so comparing vets can enable you to make a better choice.

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