Should I declaw my cat?

My 9 month old tabby is ruining the furniture and scratches a lot. I have tried everything to get her to stop, but it's not working. Can i get her declawed? She is an indoor cat so she doesn't need them as much.

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Declawing a cat is very painful and damaging to the paws, and the last joint of the toe must be removed to take out the claw. Recovery is difficult after the procedure, and your cat will be in great risk of infection. Your cat is still young, and the scratching may get better over time. You should consider buying a tall, sturdy scratching post that will not sway when she is using it and place it in front of one of her favorite places to scratch. If her scratching continues, see a local vet to discuss the option of having plastic coverings fitted to your pet's claws. These covers are slipped over each nail and prevent your cat from ripping into your furniture, even if they continue the scratching motion.

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