Mallard Duckling Tail Feathers falling off, is this normal?

we have 4 mallard ducklings that are 3 weeks and 2 days old and we noticed today that one of them has lost feathers on it's tail and it is a little bloody, is this normal???? We hatched these eggs in an incubator at my daughter's school and we have been caring for them since they hatched. They stay in our home and have been introduced to the outside in small doses in an enclosed pen.

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It is possible that the loss of feathers and the blood were caused by bites from some of the other ducklings. It is important that you take the duckling to a vet in the area with experience in treating ducks to determine the cause and lower the risk of infection. The vet can examine the duckling and advise you on the proper care methods. Continue to monitor the duckling for bleeding and feather loss.

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