Vaccinations: Preventative Veterinary Care

Vaccinations are typically recommended by veterinarians across the U.S., and in some cases these are required if you want to take your pet to a certain groomer, animal park or other place where it will encounter other animals. In certain jurisdictions, it is required by law that you vaccinate your pet. The specific vaccinations required or suggested for your pet will depend on the species. Vaccinations are also important in farm animals to prevent certain diseases from presenting and spreading in cows, horses, sheep and other animals.

Vaccinations are an important part of preventative veterinary care. You can use this directory to find and compare local veterinarians that offer vaccinations for your particular type of pet. Some veterinary clinics offer mobile vaccination services and vaccinations may even be offered at your local pet store or animal shelter.

What is a vaccination, and why should I consider this for my pet?

A vaccination is the act of administering a vaccine, usually by injection. A vaccine is a special preparation of microorganisms or organisms administered to produce or increase immunity to a specific disease. A vaccine works by exposing an animal's immune system to a germ in a controlled setting so the immune system has a chance to mount a successful defense against that particular virus or bacterium. The idea is to arm the body to be able to mount a faster and more effective defense against the germ before it can multiply and cause serious illness or even death, because it has already been exposed to the germ and will recognize what is needed to properly fight it.

Rabies is one of the most common diseases animals are vaccinated against. Additional vaccinations may be available to prevent or limit the severity of feline leukemia, feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline panleukopenia, bordatella bronchiseptica, canine distemper, infectious hepatitis and canine parvovirus.

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It is important to get detailed information about what vaccinations are required by law in your area, what vaccinations are recommended for your species and breed of animal and what vaccinations are recommended based upon prevalent diseases in your geographic location. You can also discuss the appropriate timing for vaccinations to make sure your pet is protected and that you are acting in accordance with the law. You may also find it helpful to learn more about the specific side effects associated with certain vaccinations and the benefits that they may provide. As with any medical decision, you should take the risks and benefits into account before moving forward.

Using our directory, you can find a qualified veterinarian in your area who can answer your questions and help you make the right choices about vaccinating your pet or pets.

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