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Tips to Keep Your Dog Relaxed During a Vet Visit

By Jenn Ryan  Jan. 27, 2016 9:01a

Tips to Keep Your Dog Relaxed During a Vet Visit

Dogs aren't necessarily partial to the vet. It’s not a secret, more of a fact. Dogs that know they’re about to go to a vet clinic will do nearly anything to get out of it, even avoiding your coaxing with treats, that vet-exclusive carrier you just brought up from the basement, and your best affection efforts. It feels like you’ve tried everything, and yet you still get to the vet and your dog is shaking. What do you do? Follow these tips to keep your pooch relaxed during your next pet clinic visit!


You’d feel better about going to the doctor if someone gave you a treat that you loved every time you went. And no, I’m not talking about those lollipops for kids. I’m talking about some real treats. Do the same thing with your dog. Get something extra special for him or her, such as chicken, steak, whatever they never get but you know they love. Doing this while you’re at the vet will make your dog relax and focus more on the food than on the doctor. You can make the animal clinic fun with some extra-special treats!

You Need to Relax, Too

Dogs pick up on your energy. If you’re thinking, “How am I going to keep him or her from the other dogs? How much is this going to cost? Is the vet going to know what’s wrong?”, your dog is going to pick up on your stressed-out vibes and feel even more anxious about going to the pet hospital. Relax. Veterinarians like the ones at Nippers Corner Pet Medical Center know how to handle nearly any type of pet, from anxious dogs to aggressive ones. They go through years of schooling and training to adequately care for your dog. There’s nothing for you to worry about. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your pet will be, too.

Get Familiar with Vet

Whether you’re at a veterinarian in Nashville or somewhere else, it’s important to get your pet familiar with vet. And I’m not talking about the day of the visit—I mean other times, too. Stop in randomly with a bag of out-of-this-world delicious treats for your dog, and have the vet give your pooch treats, walk around, and leave. The earlier you can do this, the better. Getting a puppy used to the vet and reinforcing that he or she is in a positive environment can help your dog to remain relaxed during the exam.

Handle and Train Your Pooch

Getting your dog to obey simple commands can really help when it comes to going to the vet and keeping him or her relaxed. This way, you can ask your dog to sit, stay, or lay down during the exam, and your dog will feel more comfortable knowing that he or she is still in control of what’s happening even if the environment might be overwhelming.

However, it’s also important to handle your dog so that he or she is accustomed to being touched when visiting a Nashville TN veterinarian. Your vet will need to touch your dog—feel his or her stomach, heck ears, look at paws, and more. At home, as early as possible, get your dog used to being touched, rolled over, and looking in their ears or mouth. The more used they are to being handled, the more relaxed they’ll be during the vet exam!

By starting early, training your dog, giving amazing treats, and keeping calm yourself, you can help your dog stay relaxed at the vet. Your pet will experience minimal anxiety if you’re able to help teach your dog that the vet isn’t always a scary place. Follow these tips and help your dog relax during his or her next vet exam!

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