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Addressing the veterinary care and other needs of your pet or other animal requires information and guidance from various sources. We have compiled a list of helpful resources and information for your convenience. Here, you can learn more about animal welfare organizations, breeders, grooming and pet insurance. You can also locate pet stores, shelters, pet sitters and can find pet supplies.

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In addition to using this website as a helpful resource for information related to veterinarians and veterinary care in the U.S., you can use this website to find a local vet who can address your particular needs. As these may vary depending on the type of animal or animals you are dealing with as well as their specific age and health, we recommend contacting multiple veterinary clinics to determine which will be best able to help you.

With services ranging from animal dentistry to vaccinations to emergency veterinary care, the professionals listed in our directory are committed to meeting the needs of their patients in every way possible. Do not miss this opportunity to use our free online directory to find a veterinary practice that will be able to properly address your pet's immediate needs and long-term health.

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