Featured News 2020 The Unique Connection Between Dogs & Their Companions

The Unique Connection Between Dogs & Their Companions

We have all heard that dogs are a man’s best friend, but have we ever stopped and actually thought about what this means?

Say you have a golden retriever at home. Have you ever noticed the loyalty and companionship that comes along with this extremely pack-driven animal? Do you see of often they follow you around the house? Into the kitchen (for food obviously) or to sit next to you on the couch or even into the bathroom as you get ready for work in the morning? The bond between a dog and its companion is a very unique one, and it is something to be cherished.

However, a dog is not only man’s best friend—man may also be considered dog's best friend as well.

According to recent studies, researchers are discovering that the bond between man and dog is not just sentimental—it's a legitimate psychological bond. Researchers observed the canine-human bond by recording dogs in three different situations in order to see their responses. Researchers observed the dogs first alone, with their owner absent, then while the dogs were with the owners while they remained silent, and third as the owners were encouraging with the dog.

Researchers came to the conclusion that the human-dog bond was similar to that of parent-child bond. The unique bond that children have for their parents, and desire to be around them, is what drives canines to be with their humans.

The Secure Base Effect

The studies categorize this bond as the “secure base effect,” which means that it is the bond that forms when the human companion is seen as a source of security and protection. One thing that stood out to the researchers was the fact that when the animal lost motivation to eat food (or other primal activities), it was when the owner was either absent or ignoring them.

Moreover, a dog will behave similarly to an infant when it comes to the human companion. Studies on this topic are still new, and scientists plan on looking much more closely at the secure base effect between a dog and its companion. They also intend to further look into the bonds between dogs and children as well, as a direct correlation to the first study.

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