Latest News 2012 June New Parasite Meds may help get rid of Fido's Fleas!

New Parasite Meds may help get rid of Fido's Fleas!

Merck Animal Health just launched a new pair of veterinary medicines that may help you to get those summer fleas and ticks off of your pet. The parasites will only be available through veterinary prescription, but may be an advancement in the world of topical parasite medications. Two products, Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus, will help to kill the bugs that burrow into dog and cat fur and cause itching and discomfort.

The Activyl medicine will work to prevent the flea and tick infestations, and the Activyl Tick Plus will control both fleas and ticks by eradicating them from the fur. The second product is only available for dogs, but the preventative medication is available for felines as well. The secret ingredient in these new topical prescriptions is called indoxacarb. It kills fleas through a process that is called bioactivation.

Essentially, when the flea comes in contact with the indoxacarb, it paralyzes and kills the insect. The chemical also has the potential to kill flea larvae so that the little bugs won't leave their eggs behind. The company says that the ointments are perfectly harmless for dogs and cats. This is only one of the many different medications that are available for people who need a secret weapon to battle the fleas in Fido and Fluffy's fur.

If you take your pet to the veterinarian, or even just call your vet, he or she can probably give you other recommendations about flea medications. Sometimes, if your animal is infested with these crafty little biters you may want to take him or her to the groomers for a thorough flea bath. Also, collars which are available at your local pet store can repel the bugs much like mosquito repellant keeps the blood suckers away from humans.

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