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Flying with Dogs Over the Holidays

More major holidays are right around with corner.  With this being the case, many dog owners are booking their airline tickets (or have made their travel plans well in advance).  While some owners may choose to leave their dogs at home with sitters, others may want to take their pets with them.

Now days, many airlines accommodate dogs.  Usually, the airline will charge an additional fee for pet owners to bring their dogs on the plane.  The fee varies from airline-to-airline, but pet owners can find out how much the fee is by calling which ever airline they plan to travel with.

If a dog is below a specified weight, the owner may be able to bring the pet with him/her to his/her seat.  However, the dog will need to be in a crate or carrier and it will need to be safely secured throughout the duration of the flight.  If a dog is above the specified weight, it will need to be in a locked crate and will be stowed below the plane (usually near the luggage area). 

If you plan to travel with your dog, be sure to keep these requirements in mind and plan well in advance!

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