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Spaying Your Female Dog

One issue that female puppy owners will have to address is whether or not they will spay their dog. When a dog is spayed, its female reproductive organs are removed surgically so it cannot reproduce. Generally, veterinarians want to perform this surgical procedure before a dog has her first heat. Most veterinarians will actually recommend that puppies are spayed when they reach 8 weeks or 2 months of age.

Contrary to belief, spaying a dog will not make it lazier or fatter. There are actually health benefits to spaying a dog. For example, if a female dog is spayed prior to her first heat, her chances of incurring mammary tumors will be reduced. Additionally, dogs that are spayed tend to be a bit more mellow, which is something many dog owners appreciate. If you have additional questions about spaying your dog, take the time to speak with your local veterinarian to get informed answers.

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