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Tailgating with Your Dog during Games

If you're a big football fan, you're probably excited that the season has officially kicked off.  While you may enjoy the majority of the games in the comfort of your own home, you may also partake in tailgating and want to bring your dog with you as you grill, socialize and hang out with your friends.

Should you plan to bring your dog tailgating with you, here are some tips you might want to follow:

First, make sure that the area where you're tailgating is dog friendly.  Some places permit dogs and others do not, so you'll want to research this in advance.

Second, just as you're bringing food and beverages for yourself, family and friends, be sure to pack enough food and water for your pet.  Games last hours and your dog will most likely get hungry and thirsty as time passes.

Third, be sure to bring your dog's leash.  Even if you're used to letting your pet run lose, it is best to keep your dog leashed as there is a lot of commotion and excitement going on during tailgating parties.  You'll want to be able to keep close tabs on your dog during this time.

Finally, bring bags with you so you can clean up after your dog if it makes a mess in the area where you are tailgating.

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