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Minimize Damage with a Cat Scratching Post

Have you noticed that your cat likes to scratch a lot?  Maybe it likes to go after household possessions while scratching, such as carpeting, draperies or furniture.  For cats, scratching is a very instinctual behavior, but for you as a pet owner it may be a nightmare if your household items are getting ruined.

If your cat is prone toward scratching items in your house, you may want to consider training your pet to use a scratching post.  You can purchase a scratching post at your local pet store and will want to place it in an area of your home where your cat normally sleeps.  Usually, cats tend to scratch the around the areas where they sleep, so having the post in that location will encourage your pet to use it. 

In order to make the cat post appealing to your pet, you can put a little cat nip on it or drape a string from it so your cat thinks it's a toy and play is encouraged.  You can also put treats at the top of the post to lure your cat toward it.  After your cat has taken to the post, it will start to scratch there instead of other areas of your home.