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Making Your Move Easier for Your Cat

If you are planning a move and you have a cat, there are several things you can do to make sure that transition is seamless and stress-free for your pet.

First, make sure that you pack up everything and move it to your new place before introducing your cat to the new environment.  Having furniture and items the cat recognizes will ensure it can adjust to the new place without being too confused about the move.

Second, if you are still moving furniture around your new apartment or if movers are coming in and out, put your cat in a safe and quiet room and shut the door.  Provide the necessities (food, water, litterbox, etc.) and check on your cat from time-to-time.  Once you are settled, you can let your cat out of the room as it will be less anxious without the traffic.

Finally, inspect your new place to make sure there is no way that your cat can get outside.  Check windows, doors and other areas as your cat may be eager to return to your old residence if it is confused.

If you notice that your cat is still anxious about the move and appears stress, take it to your local veterinarian and ask for advice.   

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