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Eliminating Litter Box Odor

As any cat owner will tell you, eliminating litter box odor can be difficult. Not only will unpleasant odor make the room with the litter box in it smell bad, but it can permeate other areas of the house and may turn your cat off from using the box altogether. There are several theories and ideas about the best way to eliminate litter box odor. Below is a few suggestions on how you can eliminate or drastically reduce foul or unpleasant litter box odor:

  • Cleanliness is key, so it's important to scoop the litter at least once day. You should also clean the box itself at least once a week with warm water and mild dish soap. Make sure to use products that are ammonia-free because cats do not like the smell of ammonia, and may refuse to use the litter box if they pick up the scent.
  • Before adding new litter, try sprinkling the box with a layer of baking soda. Baking soda helps absorb odors.
  • Try using scented litters. There is a chance that your cat may not accept scented litter, so make sure you have scent-free litter on hand just in case.
  • When scooping litter clumps, try to scoop them up whole instead of breaking them up. In trying to break up clumps you may unintentionally miss some small pieces.
  • Some experts suggest sticking to name-brand litter instead of purchasing generic cat litter. Although generic cat litter is less expensive, they tend to be less effective in eliminating odor.
  • Try putting an air purifier in the litter box room. It will help circulate the air, which in turn will help remove any smell of ammonia coming from the dirty litter. Also, do not use an air freshener. Believe it or not, air fresheners can enhance the smell of odor. It's best to stick with a purifier and some type of air neutralizer.

For additional tips on how to eliminate litter box odors, consult your local pet store or even speak with your veterinarian. If you need help locating a veterinarian near you, click here to search our online directory!

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