Local Veterinarians in San Diego, California

Veterinarians throughout the San Diego area of California provide an invaluable service to animal owners of all kinds. In ensuring the health and well-being of household pets and all types of domestic and exotic animals, large and small, San Diego veterinary clinics help these animals lead long and happy lives. This may include providing routine check-ups and standard veterinary care such as vaccinations and examinations as well as emergency treatment in the event of an accident or serious illness, as well as specialized services such as animal dentistry. To find a San Diego vet that has the qualities you are looking for, look through the following listings to compare their services, pricing, experience and more. You can also call their San Diego offices to get a better idea of their approach.

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Additional Listings

Bayside Veterinary Hospital

1270 Scott Street
San Diego, CA 92106

Bay Park Veterinary Clinic

3024 Hancock St
San Diego, CA 92110

Point Loma Veterinary Clinic

1964 Sunset Cliffs Blvd
San Diego, CA 92107

Rose Canyon Animal Hospital

4295 Jutland Dr
San Diego, CA 92117

Turquoise Animal Hospital

950 Turquoise St
San Diego, CA 92109

Sunset Cliffs Animal Clinic

4862 Santa Monica Ave
San Diego, CA 92107

Scripps Parkway Veterinary Hospital

10755 Scripps Poway Pky
San Diego, CA 92131

Friars Road Pet Hospital

10433 Friars Rd, Ste F
San Diego, CA 92120

Carmel Mountain Ranch Veterinary Hospital

11925 Carmel Mountain Rd
San Diego, CA 92128

Lifetime Animal Care Center

4941 Clairemont Dr, #G
San Diego, CA 92117

Southern California Veterinary

5610 Kearny Mesa Rd, Suite B1
San Diego, CA 92111

Market Street Veterinary Clinic

1051 Market St
San Diego, CA 92101

South San Diego Vetry Hospital

2910 Coronado Ave
San Diego, CA 92154

Cabrillo Pet Hospital

4138 Voltaire Street
San Diego, CA 92107

Penasquito Pet Clinic

9728 Carmel Mountain Rd, Suite E
San Diego, CA 92129

Pet Hospital of North Park

2444 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104

Penasquitos Pet Clinic

9728 Carmel Mountain Rd, Ste E
San Diego, CA 92129

Kearny Mesa Veterinary Center

7677 Ronson Road
San Diego, CA 92111

Carmel Valley Pet Clinic

3890 Valley Centre Dr, Ste 101
San Diego , CA 92130

Catnap RVT Relief Services

3059 W. Canyon Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123

Eye Clinic for Animals

5610 Kearny Mesa Rd # A
San Diego, CA 92111

Shelter Island Veterinary Hospital

3625 Midway Drive, Suite T
San Diego , CA 92110

A Animal ER Of San Diego

5610 Kearny Mesa Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

Governor Animal Clinic

3240 Governor Dr
San Diego, CA 92122

Balboa Veterinary Hospital

The mission of Balboa Veterinary Hospital is to provide excellent veterinary care, taking both the pet's and the client's needs
7931 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92111